Dear Abby:

We have been saving for retirement for the last 25 years, but don't feel like this is enough. What would you suggest? 

Feeling Unprepared 

Dear Feeling Unprepared:

It will probably never feel like enough, and in this day and age may never be. Hate to be a downer but know that you can always find senior discounts on coffee at McDonald’s and early bird specials at other restaurants. So be optimistic and sponge off your children!!



Dear Abby,

A close friend keeps asking me for investment advice and retirement planning. I feel comfortable handling my own affairs, but I'm not a professional. I don't think I should give advice that might take my friend to the poor house, but recommending that he talk to a pro sounds a lot like "I can't be bothered." How I do I give him the best advice which is none at all.


Tormented in Tarrytown


Dear Tormented,

If this is truly a close friend then honesty is always the best policy. It is best to explain that the risk of losing a friend over money or (what may turn out to be) a bad investment for him is absolutely never worth it!! The research and risk you take for yourself is your concern, there are inexpensive ways for him to learn his own options or find a professional who can advise him without risking your friendship. Also - always demand a cut of any profit that results from your financial suggestions!!



Dear Abby

There seems to be no reward for working hard & giving more of yourself at work than most. It seems that those who work less are given a pass while the rest of us keep being challenged to do even more with no pass when we just have that "off" day. Why do we continue to encourage less and less, those who do more?


Overworked & Underappreciated

Dear O&U,

I hear ya!! Unfortunately this habit starts early. We tend to encourage the children who achieve in school to do even more. It is harder to push those that are unmotivated – so why bother. In the working world we have managers (delegators) and worker bees. I have long held the belief that without the support staff the executives would never succeed. If you have a self-motivating personality and don’t require the glory… then you will work harder in the background and not need the spotlight, but be sure that the one who craves the glory will hold you back to keep you close (be prepared to make him or her look good). And as a worker bee… I can assure you that an ‘off day’ is just not acceptable in this situation.



Dear Abby, Every once in a while I walk out of the house and can’t remember if I put my make up on. What should I do?
Dear Pale Face, Two quick options – either hang up a mirror by your door, or forget about it (like the rest of the unimportant things in life)!!

Dear Abby, My son says that people over 50 can't learn to use computers.  What do I tell him?
Dear Mom, Remind him that when you met him, he didn’t know how to use a toilet. Yes, with some quick reminder notes (my life story) we who have entered the second half-century of life can still do anything we want to!!

Dear Abby - Is it possible to find a new job after the age of 50 that you like better than the one I had for the past 25 years?
Dear Rachelle, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​

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